Meet our herd


Koejawel is the four legs on which our journey started and has been a solid team member ever since.  He is an even-tempered pony who has much to offer all who enter through our gates.  He is MUCH LOVED by all our children and is always ready for some fun.  He loves swimming and getting himself dirty.


Cooper loves bossing his herd mates around to ensure that he will have the first choice when there are food or treats close by.  He loves his work with the kids and always have something up his sleeve to teach.


Storm has an extremely soft-natured character and is very gentle with the kids.  He loves his grooming time and is great at teaching good leadership with clear vision.


Bravo is our gentle, quiet soul who can walk with a 92 year old man to a paddock or go for a fast gallop up the hill.  He has a big heart and is excellent assisting with our ground based-counselling sessions as well as riding lessons.


Saltare is a strong-willed member who loves to hang out with his herd friend, Bravo.  He is a strong teacher in our ground-based counselling sessions.


Our beautiful mare who takes time to trust her humans.  She loves being with her herd and has much to offer in our ground-based counselling sessions.