About us

Who we are

EQuivalence is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) which is based on combining Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with horses (Equine) and providing a space to be equal in function, worth and value (def. equivalence).

Our primary focus is on children of various backgrounds, abilities, and special needs.  Through offering individualised lessons, sourcing funding from donors and networking with other PBOs, we can increase opportunities to offer much needed Equine Assisted Therapy modalities to the less fortunate, including the farm community on Altydgedacht, as well as surrounding community schools.

Our Vision

To add value and facilitate change to the surrounding community and nature, through equines.

To reach children through Equine Assisted Services to help develop them on a cognitive, emotional and physical level.

To assist and support families by helping children with special needs with the assistance of our horses.

To provide Equine Assisted Therapy opportunities to individuals and families.

To provide an opportunity for the less fortunate to engage in Equine Assisted Learning programs.

Our Mission

Create a sustainable enterprise that can support the wellbeing of horses and a safe environment for individuals to grow.

Connect with other likeminded individuals and companies to uplift less privileged individuals in the surrounding community of the Western Cape.